Explore Ping Nakara

In the early 1900s, oak had become a scarce commodity in Europe, sparking off a gold rush for wood. When adventurers discovered the teak forests in Northern Thailand, many foreign businessmen flocked to the region, positioning Chiang Mai as the center of a thriving teak industry. These foreign foresters, also known as "teak wallahs', oversaw most of the region's logging concessions. With the help of local labour and hardy elephants, they performed arduous and dangerous work, extracting teak logs and floating them downstream for grading and sale.

Today, though the teak wallahs are gone, the river and forestry stations remain, and the relaxed ambiance of Chiang Mai city is just as enticing as ever. The Ping Nakara takes inspiration from these times past with an intimate hotel built in the elegant colonial style which stems from the period.

The hotel's graceful gingerbread architecture is accented by hand-carved teak fretwork, creating a cool and restful environment. Throughout the nineteen rooms you'll find thoughtful use of natural materials and a distinctive yet practical style. This sophisticated design is matched by relaxed yet professional service, providing a welcoming retreat for all travellers.

Enjoy the serenity of the veranda next to the pool, curl up with a book in our library, or unwind with a drink in the rotunda. Whatever your preference, we're sure you'll enjoy this return to elegance.