Classic Thai

Here are a few of the most special Thailand-related pages and videos we've found online. We hope you'll find them interesting.

Mario in Lampang and Chiang Mai (YouTube Video)

Sightseeing in Lampang and Chiang Mai with Mario Maurer, a Thai model and actor.

Thai Life Through the Lens

Photographer Marc Schulz captures Thailand, and particularly rural Thai life, with remarkable insight and beauty in this engaging narrated slide show.

Teak Logging With Elephants In Siam 1925 (YouTube Video)

Outstanding early footage of "Elephants a pilin' Teak", very much in keeping with one of the themes of our hotel. "In the sludgy squdgy creek—they are equally efficient" (we love the captioning too!)

"Serene Siam" - Documentary from 1937 (YouTube Video)

An American documentary presenting a "panorama of life" in a land where "12 million souls live their lives apparently at peace with nature". Interesting footage of Hualamphong Railway Station, traditional dance, and the waterways of Bangkok (in a land where, according to the narrator, "the construction of roads would not be practical").

Trams and Colonial Architecture in Bangkok (YouTube Video)

Undated footage of (long gone) trams operating in Bangkok, and passing along various boulevards with colonial architecture. Notice also the rickshaws, some motorised, but others pulled by wallahs.

Chiang Mai 24/7 (Power Point Slideshow)

And finally, our own tribute in images and music to the city which sustains us.