Nakara Jardin (Nakara's Garden)

Until recently Nakara Jardin was a private property on the banks of the Ping River, a lush tropical garden established many years ago. The kind of property which it would be impossible to find and buy these days. It was while relaxing here that Le Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Pomme had the idea of making it an all-day easy dining spot for local and foreign customers alike.

While the garden itself was originally typical Thai - replete with Sweet Shorea, Spanish Cherry, Indian Cork and Frangipani trees, all overshadowed by a magnificent rain tree - the food Chef Pomme wished to serve was French, and so the garden was developed into an innovative and unique French Tropical style.

The designer, taking inspiration from the graceful curves of the weeping willow which overhangs the Ping river, brought in the colours and stylistic flourishes of a Monet garden. Thus was born this perfect setting for relaxed French dining, with crafted coffees, imported teas and delightful patisserie, all at affordable prices.